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Greene County Trivia Answers

Greene County was established on March 24, 1803. Who was it named for?

General Nathanael Greene, officer in Revolutionary War

What is the square miles of Greene County? 416 square miles

What are the major cities in Greene County?

Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Fairborn, Xenia

What counties are adjacent to Greene County?

Clark, Madison, Fayette, Clinton, Warren, Montgomery

How many Senior Centers are in Greene County? 10

Kil-kare Raceway opened in 1952. How long is the track? 3/8ths of a mile

If you lay a box of spaghetti end-to-end, how long would it be?

Spaghetti is most commonly available in 25–30 cm (10–12 in) lengths.
Spaghetti came to 36 per ounce, or 576 noodles per pound (box)

So 576 x 10 in = 576 in or 48 feet

List the Greene County covered bridges you have driven over or seen.
There are 21 covered bridges.

Distance from the Sun Answers

Average distance in millions of miles from the sun to each planet:


Going the Distance Q & A Game

1. How many feet in a yard?     A) 3 ft. 

2. How many feet in a mile?     B) 5280 ft. 

3. How many furlongs in a mile?     C) 8 

4. In measuring horses, what is the measurement of a hand?     B) 4 inches 

5. What is the greatest distance the human eye can see?     C) 3 miles 

6. What is the average distance traveled when taking one step?     D) 2 ½ ft.

7. How many miles does light travel per second?     B) 186,000 mi. 

8. What is the minimum distance in feet to stop behind a school bus when it is letting children off the bus?     C) 15 ft.