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Quiz with a Prize: Christmas Tree Trivia

  1. In what year were Christmas trees first sold commercially?
    A) 1750    B) 1850    C) 1950

  2. Which is NOT a top-selling Christmas tree state?
    A) Oregon    B) North Carolina    C) Ohio

  3. Christmas trees take an average of how many years to mature?
    A) 7-10 years    B) 10-12 years    C) 13-15 years

  4. Who was the first President to place a Christmas tree in the White House?
    A) Franklin Pierce    B) Abraham Lincoln    C) James Buchanan

  5. Who came up with the idea to place lights on a Christmas tree?
    A) Smokey the Bear    B) General Electric    C) Thomas Edison

  6. In a home, a cut Christmas tree consumes up to how much water per day?
    A) 1 Gallon    B) 1 Quart    C) 1 Cup

  7. How tall was the largest cut Christmas tree?
    A) 133 ft.    B) 188 ft.    C) 221 ft.

  8. The artificial Christmas tree dates back to the 1800’s. What was it made of?
    A) Cardboard    B) Dyed goose feathers    C) Tin cans

  9. What is the most popular item to put on a Christmas tree?
    A) Star    B) Angel    C) Candy cane

  10. Do Christmas trees grow in all 50 states?
    A) True    B) False


To enter your name for a prize drawing, enter your answer to #9 
on the Quiz submission form on Friday 12/4.

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