Friday, May 6 until Wednesday, May 18 Online videos and challenges

Thursday, May 19
11:30am - 2:30pm
Senior Field & Impression Day

Reservation required

Note: Videos are live on
our YouTube page on the dates noted.

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It's SeniorPalooza 2022! Join us for videos, challenges and more! Click here to see the quizzes and challenges from the Impressive Takeaway Bag

Friday, May 6

10am -- Watch the Brick'n'Baum video as they report on the upcoming Palooza

Monday, May 9 -- Friday, May 20 (weekdays)

Song of the Day

Listen to Real Roots Radio (WBZI FM 100.3 AM 1500) during the Get Up & Go show with Roy Hatfield at 8:05 am. Write down the song of the day in your itinerary, then email the list to us and maybe win a prize!

Monday, May 9

11am -- Watch a Warm-Up video to get you started

Tuesday, May 10

10am -- Watch Brick'n'Baum as they start Prepping to do their Impressions.

Wednesday, May 11

9am -- Who Did It Better? Watch our partners doing their best impressions and let us know who did it better!

10am -- Who Has Made an Impression on Me? (part 1) Your Council Team Members pay tribute to their special people.

Thursday, May 12

9am -- Brick'n'Baum video: More Prepping for Impressions

10am -- The staff of several area Senior Centers painted an Impressionist Art Piece on large canvases. Take a look at the video and let us know who did the best job. Then stop in at the Senior Center to view the artwork in person.

Friday, May 13

9am -- Greene County Parks & Trails naturalist Mel gives us Nature's Impressions in a video giving a glimpse at some impressive fossils we can find in our local parks.

Monday, May 16

9am -- Brick'n'Baum video: Still Prepping for Impressions (this is hard!)

11am -- A new warm-up video to get you ready for the week

Tuesday, May 17

9am -- Sand Impressions. Your Council Team Members use sand to create their impressions of a scene or animal. This timed challenge is sure to be amusing. Check the video for some laughs

10am -- Who Has Made an Impression on Me? (part 2) Your Council Team Members pay tribute to someone or something special.

Wednesday, May 18

9am -- Brick'n'Baum's finale Video shows off their Final Impressions.

Thursday, May 19

11:30am - 2:30pm

The Senior Field & Impression Day starts in the field behind the XCC (weather permitting) with some fun and games. A move indoors to the XCC gym for a snack, some socializing, and some hands-on activities, such as making a pressed trinket tray. After an Impressive Awards Ceremony, the distribution of the Grab'n'Go supper and the SeniorPalooza T-Shirt to those who ordered one.

You must register before the Field & Impression Day--no registration on-side. See the Registration Form in your Impressive Takeaway Bag, or here, or call us.

Friday, May 20

We will post the winners here and on our Facebook page.

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