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Virtual Wellness Programs

Baby dancing

You may have laughed at the adorable videos of babies dancing along with a TV program. The urge to move is hard-wired into all humans, and we know exercise keeps us healthy.

As it gets colder and darker outside, an online program can help you get or keep moving. There are many videos on YouTube and Facebook for just about any kind of exercise you’d like, many tailored to seniors. Yoga, Line Dancing, and Strength Training are only a few examples. If you miss the camaraderie and inspiration of a class with others, try using Zoom on your computer to join a live class with an instructor and other people.

And don’t forget your brain! Via Zoom, you could take French, learn about history, or gather virtually for lunch.

What is Zoom? In 2020, video conferencing became essential, allowing people to see and hear many other people for work, friendship, or learning. Zoom is the most popular of the video conference software program. GCCOA uses a different program for our online programs but it works in a similar manner.

What do I need to Zoom? Your computer (or other device) must have a camera and microphone: those are built-in to recent laptops and tablets; a webcam and microphone can be added to desktop computers. Then go to and sign up for free. You will then download the client software.

To join a zoom class, click the link in the email invitation or on the web page.

BTW, when you participate in a zoom exercise class, you can turn off the video so no one can see you.

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