Medicare and Other Retirement Health Insurance 

Medicare plans and options change each year, so it is important to find the best fit for your health care needs and situation.  To help with this challenging but important issue, the Council is a resource for individuals getting ready to turn 65 and for those already on Medicare. 

Throughout the year, our Benefits Specialist is available to review options to those nearing 65.  During Medicare Open Enrollment (Oct 15th thru Dec 7th), the Benefits Specialist and other team members are available to walk you through available plans for the coming year in order to pick the best plan for your unique situation.  It is critical to review the options each year, whether it be with the Council or another knowledgeable and objective party.

Let us help you understand your Medicare choices, your retirement plans together with Medicare and what other options you may have available to you. Based on your personal situation and income level you may qualify for several forms of help.


Contact our office to set up an appointment with one of our trained counselors.

Review of Medicare Part-D or Medicare Advantage Plan

We will send letters the week of 8/24 reminding you of the open enrollment period. If you wish for our assistance in reviewing plans, complete the included form and mail back as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the only plans we can review are drug plans and Advantage plans (HMO/PPO). Medigap Supplements do not have an open enrollment; supplement plan questions need to go to the company issuing your plan. This year we are only doing phone reviews, which will start the second week of October once the Medicare website has been updated.


Websites with more information

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