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Volunteer Opportunities

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Promoting Civic Engagement

The Greene County Council on Aging engages seniors in civic affairs by providing volunteer opportunities. Its Community Connection Program is designed to bring successful people together to address community needs and enrich their lives through personal growth.

Helping Others

The Community Connection Program matches volunteers who want to help with those who need a helping hand. This may be reading to a vision impaired elderly lady, applying a coat of paint to a weather beaten home, cleaning out a an overgrown flower bed, running an errand for needed prescriptions, or sitting with a loved one to give a caregiver time for themselves. These are but of few of the many ways in which a volunteer can help to improve the quality of life of a frail elderly senior or their caregiver.

Working Together

The Community Connection Program fosters relationships. Many community needs can only be or are best addressed by a group. It takes the combined effort of several capable and willing individuals to really make a difference.  Enjoying the camaraderie of fellow volunteers is just one of the benefits of working on group projects. 

Personal Growth

The Community Connection Program promotes personal growth. Serving and working for others challenges volunteers to learn new skills and stay engaged with people. It is a great way to stay on the cutting edge of life.

Get Connected!

To get involved please contact our Community Connection Specialist and request a Volunteer Profile application. 

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