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The Council provides support to grandparents raising grandchildren, or other kinship caregivers. The Council’s Kinship Liaison is available by phone and in-person to assist kinship caregivers. The Liaison is an advocate who provides information and support and assists with “navigating” caregivers through various systems, such as health care, schools, legal services, Job & Family Services, and the courts. The Council also hosts a monthly kinship support group and publishes a quarterly kinship newsletter.  

Why Kinship?

The 2010 Census showed that 8.9% of Ohio’s children (233,699) are being raised in households headed by someone other than their parents. The great majority of these households are headed by grandparents. Many have made their way to various senior service organizations seeking information and support. The Council’s focus on caregivers made the Kinship Program a natural fit.

What Help is Available?

Monthly Support Group

All Kinship caregivers are welcome to participate in our monthly support group:

When: Second Tuesday of each month,10:00 am to 11:30 am
Where: GCCOA office: 1195 W Second St, Xenia 

No registration is necessary. Child care is not provided.


Kinship Education Series

Informative programs with local experts share information on legal and financial issues, community resources and support, childcare, relationships and caring for the caregiver. 


A quarterly newsletter keeps kinship caregivers up to date on upcoming events and available services.
Read the Kinship Newsletter here

More Information

If you would like to refer a caregiver or want more information about the Kinship Program, please contact us.


View our brochure here:  Kinship Brochure


Kinship Resources: View PDF here

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