1195 West Second St

Xenia, Ohio 45385




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West Second Street
Here is our new home. Our newly renovated building on west second street. Please stop by and say hello.
Chair Volleyball
An easy and fun way for the seniors to intereact and get moving.
Fishing Outing
Seniors from all over Greene County came together to fish!
Fishing Outing
Looks like everyone had tons of fun this year at our annual fishing excursion!
Technology Camp
Student Government from Bellbrooke Highschool got together to teach seniors more about technology.
Technology Camp
Love seeing all those seniors with thier tablets!
Jamestown Senior Center Prom
Jam Fest
One of the beautiful displays from our Jam Fest fundraiser this year. Sold tons of baked goods and had plenty of fun!
Paige Redd & Frances Downing





Medicare Check-Up!




Brain Fitness




Committed To Greene County Seniors and Caregivers