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Affordable Connectivity Program

The ACP was a federal program providing internet discounts to low-income family. The program ends April 2024. 

FCC ACP information

Tips on getting replacement subsidies:

  • Do you have cell phone service? Providers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and Spectrum offer discounted internet rates if you already have a qualifying cell phone plan.

  • Get Lifeline. The FCC’s Lifeline program offers a smaller $9.25 monthly internet discount with similar eligibility requirements as the ACP.

  • Check your ISP’s alternative plans. Many providers have subsidized internet programs like Xfinity Essentials and Spectrum Internet Assist that offer low monthly rates. Sometimes, providers may also offer prepaid internet plans with no price increase or contract requirements. In other cases, ISPs like AT&T are maintaining their $30 ACP internet plans but won’t offer a partial subsidy.


Free and Low-income Internet Service


Cheap and Free Internet Service for Students

April 15, 2024

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