Fall Risk Challenge

The Fall Risk Challenge --  how many did you find?

fall risk challenge 2021 indoor

Indoor risks:

  • Most falls involving pets happen when walking a dog, but even toys and food dishes can create a tripping hazard.

  • Using a reacher overhead can cause you to lose your balance, especially if the item were to fall. Reachers are best used to pick dropped items up from the floor.

  • Sitting on a rollator and reaching overhead to take something out of a microwave/oven is a burn risk, and in avoiding/reacting to the burn you may fall.

  • Wet floors are slippery. Waiting until they are dry is much safer.

  • The broom in the photo is a tripping risk.

  • The coffee pot is too close to edge of counter. If it fell, or if you tangled in the cord, it could cause you to fall.

  • The kitchen rug is not secured to floor, posing a slip/trip hazard.

  • Be sure you have plenty of light indoors, too! Shadows and dim lighting increase the chance of falling.

fall risk challenge 2021 outdoor.JPG

Outdoor risks

  • Carrying items that block your view is a fall risk. It’s best to use a railing when going up/down steps as well. 

  • Standing on outside of railing to change lightbulb is not a stable position. Instead, use a step ladder, and don’t stand on the top step!

  • A cane is not a help if it is not adjusted to the correct height.

  • A rollator is not safe on steps. If you must use a rollator, use a ramp. Portable ramps are available.

  • Reaching overhead with tools can cause you to overbalance and fall. Using a stepladder with a partner to help anchor it is a better solution. Having a professional clean your gutters works, too!